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Flexnet Fiber UPS

Flexnet Fiber UPS

Element Powering - 48VDC 300W UPS

Flexnet Fiber UPS

Alpha introduces a cost effective UPS powering solution for today’s distributed communications networks. Designed to provide battery backup power where needed in the field, the FlexNet FiberUPS can supply power to telephony, fiber-to-the-curb or home (FTTC/H), or other communication equipment requiring 48VDC to operate. Installed in a pole, wall, or ground mount weather resistant enclosure, the FlexNet FiberUPS will keep field distributed electronics up and running during power disturbances and outages. The FlexNet products can be an inexpensive solution to provide dedicated power to optical nodes.

  • Power modules can be used in a variety of Alpha enclosures
  • Rugged 48VDC UPS for outdoor or indoor applications
  • Temperature compensated battery charging for extended battery life
  • Visual and electrical indicators for on-site and remote reporting
  • Flexible cabinet mounting

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ELPM 300 – 48DOutput Power Max. 300W