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Modular Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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The Alpha SPACELL® SMU battery with sealed gas recombination technology is specifically designed for telecommunication applications. The SMU's absorbed electrolyte technology is the most reliable, versatile and cost effective VRLA battery available on the market today. This high performance and long life battery is available in 2 volts ranging from 200 to 3,000 ampere-hours. The SPACELL® SMU Series requires less space than conventional VRLA batteries and are structurally arranged to eliminate dislodging and slippage caused by vibrations over time.

  • Power range available:
    2 volts from 200 to 3,000 amp hours
  • Modular unit structure allows for minimal footprint.
  • Insulated cell terminals allow easy maintenance and replacement.
  • Strong corrosion resistant grid design.
  • Rugged flame retardant ABS casing to UL94-VO.
  • 10 year design life.
  • 3 year - 100% full warranty.

Technische Daten

Feature Summary
 Model: SPACELL® SMU 2 volt
Standard Warranty: 3 yr full plus 17 yr prorated
Service Life: 10 yr
Battery Type: Valve regulated lead acid
Range of Capacity: 200Ah - 300Ah
Time of Discharge: 1min - 20hrs.
Operating Temperature: 25°C (77°F)
Terminal Type: Threaded Copper Insert